A SOUL BEHIND A STATISTIC: Homeless in Orange County, North Carolina

It is easy to hear statistics about homelessness and forget that those facts and figures are people — people with names, hopes and dreams, families “A SOUL BEHIND A STATISTIC: Homeless in Orange County, North Carolina”

A MOMENT OF MAGIC: Sick Children Trade in Hospital Visits for Princesses

They cannot make the sickness go away with the snap of their fingers. They cannot promise that everything is going to be OK. They cannot add a day to a child’s life. But for a few hours, it is magic. Not medication and hospitals, but princesses and hide-and-seek. These college students are members of A Moment of Magic at UNC-Chapel Hill and spend their time visiting medically vulnerable children. One of the children who they will forever remember? Rowan Price.

Walk in College Women’s Shoes: What Brings Them Together

Women go to college campuses every fall eager to pursue their passions and make memories, but they often have something else in common: a fear for their safety. Six UNC-Chapel Hill students recount advice that they received when heading off to college.

Life After The Bachelor: Walk In Ben Higgins’ Shoes

Ben Higgins, star of the 20th season of The Bachelor, opened up about his experience on the popular reality television show. Did The Bachelor give an accurate representation of who he is? What did viewers miss? And what is he up to now?